Login methods

Security standards in detail


The UBS Mobile Banking app offers you the same level of security as UBS e-banking. To log in, you need the protected access data on your Access Card and your PIN.

Access to UBS Mobile Banking
Choose the login method that meets your needs.

  • Access Card with card reader
    You log in with the card reader and existing Access Card in exactly the same way as for UBS e-banking.

  • Password
    If you only want to consult information about your accounts, portfolios and cards, you can simply log in using a password.

Mobile access is even more convenient with the following Access Cards, that can also be used without a card reader:

  • Access Card with NFC technology (Near Field Communication)
    If your smartphone supports wireless exchange of access data (e.g. Android devices), you can log in directly with the NFC-enabled Access Card and associated PIN. You do not need a card reader.

  • Access Card Display (subject to a charge)
    The Access Card Display is available for smartphones without the NFC function (e.g. iPhone). No card reader is required for this login method because the card has a built-in keypad and display. The Access Card Display is also suitable for logging into UBS e-banking from home.

    The Access Card NFC and the Access Card Display won the "Customer Experience" category at the "Contactless & Mobile Awards 2014".
    Contactless & Mobile Award 2014

Ordering the Access Card
Access Cards can be ordered conveniently under "Offerings" in UBS e-banking. Please make sure that your smartphone supports NFC technology before ordering an Access Card NFC.

Additional security standard for payments
For security reasons, a one-time additional check is required when making payments via the Mobile Banking app to new beneficiaries who have not yet been approved by UBS. This must be done in UBS e-banking.

UBS security recommendations
Find out more about UBS recommendations for secure use of UBS Online Services.
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