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With Mobile Banking you can carry out your banking transactions whenever you have time and wherever you happen to be. You can keep a constant overview of your accounts, assets and credit card transactions. You can also carry out payments, trade securities and lots more.

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Security standards

Security standards

Security right from the start

The UBS Mobile Banking app offers you the same level of security as UBS e-banking. Logging in is a two-stage process. Depending on what you want to do in the app, you can either log in simply with your password or you may need your Access Card and your PIN.

Log in with your password for example for:
- An overview of accounts and assets
- Checking credit card payments
- The Personal Financial Assistant
- Transfers to your own accounts

Log in with the Access Card and PIN for example for:
- Payment orders
- Scanning payment slips and executing payments
- Securities trading

Practical when on the move: you don't need a card reader to log in to Mobile Banking with the Access Card Display or the Access Card NFC.
The Access Card Display is suitable for smartphones without the NFC function, such as the iPhone. This handy card with an integrated keypad can also be used to log in to e-banking. The Access Card NFC enables wireless exchange of access data with more recent Android devices. You can order both cards in UBS e-banking under "Products".

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Quotes and trading

Accounts and assets

A constant overview of your finances

Thanks to Mobile Banking, the most important information about your accounts and assets is always ready to hand. You can check credits, debits and the balance of your accounts easily with your smartphone. And if you have an investment portfolio, you can see its market value at all times and easily monitor the performance of your assets.

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Cards and notifications

Full control over your credit or prepaid card

The Mobile Banking app gives you information about your card transactions, the amount still available for the current month and your most recent invoice. It also offers a practical notification function via SMS or e-mail: on request, we’ll inform you of debits to your credit or prepaid card.

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Cards and notifications

Personal Financial Assistant

See where your money goes

The Personal Financial Assistant helps you to analyze your expenses even when on the move. Non-allocated expenses can easily be assigned to the corresponding category – straight after your purchase. What's more, you can keep a constant overview of your budget and your saving goals wherever you are.
The Personal Financial Assistant was developed in association with the company "Misys", which has been awarded a number of prizes by several institutions.

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Finovate Europe 2014 Best-of-Show, Finovate Asia 2013 Best-of-Show, FinTech100 2013, Banking IT Innovation, Award from St. Gallen and Leipzig Universities, Swiss Design Institute for Finance and Banking


Make payments easily and conveniently

Carrying out payments in Mobile Banking is secure and convenient. Payment slips can be scanned easily and payments executed directly using the camera on your smartphone. The payment assistant recognizes payment recipients on record as soon as you have typed the first three letters or numbers. You can check and approve e-bills, even when on the move. The payment blocker gives you added security, as you can only transfer money via the app to beneficiaries who have already been confirmed in e-banking.
Additional functions for companies

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Quotes and trading

For your stock exchange transactions

Keep your finger on the pulse of the international financial markets wherever you are. With Quotes, you can find all the market data and the research information you need. And with the trading function, you can buy and sell securities at the time that's right for you.

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Accounts, custody accounts and portfolios
Mobile Banking app Best of Swiss Apps

Mobile Banking app

Download and activate now.

Use our Mobile Banking app with countless additional functions. The app is available free of charge for a large number of devices:

1) Download the app or open it in your web browser

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For Android
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For smartphones such as Windows Phone or BlackBerry
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Range of functions and technical requirements

2) Activate the app

The first time you use the app, it can be set up and activated directly in the app or in UBS e-banking under "Settings > Mobile Services > Mobile Banking".
UBS Mobile Banking Configuration 

You can access information about your credit or prepaid cards, even when on the move. Simply activate this function in UBS e-banking under the "Cards" menu item.

Don't you use UBS e-banking yet?
Complete the e-banking agreement and return the signed contract to UBS. Your personal access data and login will be sent to you by post.

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