Useful e-banking tips
for your vacation

With the Mobile Banking app and e-banking, you can keep complete control over your finances, even on vacation. We have compiled some helpful tips about cards, security and support for you here.

Vacation tip #1

Keep your card transactions under control

Do you want to keep full control over your card payments, even when you're abroad? If you set up the notification function in e-banking under "Cards", you'll be informed about every card transaction by SMS or e-mail*. This will help you to keep a constant overview.

Vacation tip #2

Protection against card misuse

Under "Cards > Maestro Cards" in e-banking, you can define whether your UBS Maestro Card can be used worldwide, in Europe or only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and set your own daily and monthly limits*. This reduces the risk of your card being misused.

Management of UBS Maestro Cards

  1. Log into UBS e-banking.
  2. Select "Maestro Cards" under "Cards".


  3. Click on edit on the relevant line to adjust your limits.
  4. Define your monthly or daily limit and click on "Save".
  5. To geographically restrict the use of your UBS Maestro Card, click on edit on the relevant line.
  6. Select worldwide, Europe or Switzerland and Liechtenstein to define the regions in which your card can be used.


    If necessary, you can also adjust settings for a specific period of time – for the duration of your vacation for example.
  7. Click on "Save" to finish.

Vacation tip #3

Increase the available amount on your card

If you reach your card limit while you're on vacation, you can transfer money to your credit or prepaid card at any time under "Payments > Enter payment". With the Mobile Banking app or
e-banking, you can carry out transfers to your card account quickly and securely.

Transfers to UBS Credit or Prepaid cards

  1. Log in via the Mobile Banking app or e-banking.
  2. Call up the payment assistant under "Payments > Enter payment".
  3. Enter your 16-digit card number in the input field.

  4. Select "Enter new payment". If payments have already been carried out, you can directly select them from the list.
  5. Complete the amount and the cardholder and press "Next".
  6. Check the payment and press "Submit".

For security reasons, beneficiary confirmation is required the first time you transfer money to your card in e-banking ("Payments > Payment > Payments on record > Pending").

Vacation tip #4

Block your lost or stolen credit cards yourself

It’s annoying losing or having your credit card stolen – especially on vacation. Block lost or stolen credit and prepaid cards in e-banking under "Cards > Administration"* quickly and without having to make expensive phone calls. A replacement card will be ordered automatically.

Transfers to UBS Credit or Prepaid cards

  1. Log in via e-banking.
  2. Select "Cards > Administration > Block card".
  3. Click on "Block card now".

  4. Select the card you want to block, check your request and click on "Submit".

A replacement card will be sent to you automatically.

Vacation tip #5

Take advantage of 24/7 support

The UBS support team will be happy to help you and answer questions about your banking transactions around the clock, anywhere in the world. Select the callback function under "Contact" in the Mobile Banking app or in e-banking, and the UBS support team will soon be in touch with you. This saves you wasting time call queuing.

Vacation tip #6

Log in conveniently without a card reader

With the Access Card Display, you can leave your card reader at home, without missing out on the full functionality of the Mobile Banking app (e.g. access to all transaction details, approval of e-bills) and to log into e-banking. With the Access Card NFC, you won't even need to type in your access code if your smartphone supports wireless exchange of data via NFC (Near Field Communication).
You can order cards in e-banking under "Offerings > Means of access".

Vacation tip #7

Keep an eye on your vacation budget

Do you want to analyze your expenses after getting back from your vacation? Or do you want to define a vacation budget for 2015? With the Personal Financial Assistant, you can keep a constant overview of your expenses and easily draw up individual budgets and savings goals.

Vacation tip #8

Make saving easy

If you'd like to go on a longer trip this year or next, do you need to set a specific sum aside to do so? The Personal Financial Assistant can help you to achieve your savings goal step by step under "Budget > Savings goals" in e-banking.

* This function can only be configured in e-banking and not via the Mobile Banking app.

Mobile Banking app
Download and activate now.

Use our Mobile Banking app with countless additional functions. The app is available free of charge for a large number of devices:

1) Download the app or open it in your web browser

For iOS

For Android
Google Play

For smartphones such as Windows Phone or BlackBerry
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UBS webapp
Range of functions and technical requirements

2) Activate the app

The first time you use the app, it can be set up and activated directly in the app or in UBS e-banking under "Settings > Mobile Services > Mobile Banking".

You can access information about your credit or prepaid cards, even when on the move. Simply activate this function in UBS e-banking under the "Cards" menu item.

Don't you use UBS e-banking yet?
Complete the e-banking agreement and return the signed contract to UBS. Your personal access data and login will be sent to you by post.

Range of functions:

The user interface and range of functions of the Web App correspond to those of the iOS and Android app. However, device components such as cameras or NFC antennas cannot be activated via the Internet browser. This means that the Web App cannot be used for scanning payment slips or logging in with wireless exchange of access data.

Technical requirements:

  • Smartphone with Windows Phone, version 8 or higher
  • BlackBerry Bold 9900
  • New generation BlackBerrys with Touchscreen and BlackBerry OS version 10 or higher
  • iPhone with iOS version 6 or higher
  • Smartphone with Android OS version 4 or higher

If access to the Web App is not supported by your preinstalled browser, you should switch to Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer Mobile, version 10 or higher (does not apply to BlackBerrys).