A new way to trade Fixed Income

UBS Neo FI is built for fixed income’s new market structure. Our new trading platform gives a single/unique point of access to new regulated derivatives markets. You can trade CDS, IRS, Options and futures across multiple SEFs through a single screen aggregating liquidity for better price discovery while simplifying your workflow and access to market intelligence.

By signing one standard agency execution agreement, clients of UBS Neo FI become indirect participants of SEFs thereby helping to alleviate the legal, regulatory and technical complexities arising from direct SEF connectivity. Visibility across the market, anonymity of order flow and access to a dedicated agency execution team gives you a competitive edge.

Turn our Innovation into your Competitive Edge

Key features and client benefits of the FI trading via UBS Neo

UBS Neo FI helps you through the regulatory minefield of FI electronic trading. Turn market structure change into an opportunity.

  • Simplifying access to the SEFs with easy onboarding via a single standard agency agreement
  • Avoid market fragmentation and simplify access to liquidity by using a single venue to price and trade CDS, IRS and futures
  • CDS Trading
    CDS Trading
  • IRS Trading
    IRS Trading
  • Connect to multiple regulated trading venues (e.g. SEFs, Exchanges) through a single screen or pipe
  • Post bids and offers in UBS Neo and dynamically apply preferences to internalize or route your inquiry to venues of choice to maximize best execution
  • View aggregated liquidity from multiple venues and UBS clients in a single screen
  • Access the “best price”, not just the UBS price, and protect your information via the independent UBS Client Execution Services offering
  • Transparent execution fee schedule, bundled pricing for execution & clearing combined services
  • Access clearing and intermediation via UBS Global Financing Services award-winning1 and industry leading OTC clearing platform
  • Continue to trade OTC products2 with UBS and our clients, with UBS as central counterparty to all trades

12014 Profit & Loss Digital FX Awards: Post-Trade Award
2Those not subject to mandatory clearing / execution & as permitted by final Dodd-Frank rules promulgated by the SEC and CFTC

Our goal is to provide operational efficiency through fast execution and flexible straight through processing