UBS Neo is designed to give our clients a new, seamless, more efficient way to work with us.

No matter your investment idea, asset class, geographical region or task, UBS Neo can help you work more accurately and efficiently.

UBS Neo is a single platform that includes:

The global knowledge-sharing benefits of social networking.

Global knowledge-sharing benefits

The breadth of UBS Investment Bank's thought leadership worldwide.

UBS's thought leadership worldwide

The functionality of market- leading trading technology.

Market-leading trading technology

Find out how UBS Neo can help you:


Access real-time market intelligence and follow UBS Investment Bank thought leaders-across asset classes and around the globe-to form, strengthen and refine your investment ideas.

  • Get a feel for the market through in-the-moment insights, ideas, research and sales commentary directly from the trading floor.
  • Explore UBS research analysts’ views on single stocks, companies, markets and sectors, as well as macroeconomic themes.
  • Connect to UBS experts, traders and risk managers, whether across town or around the world.
  • Initiate live, interactive chat with UBS Neo Talk.


Get the most relevant information the way you want it, and when you need it. Use our in-the-moment market insights and analytic tools to evaluate potential investment decisions.

  • Use UBS Neo’s powerful search features to find content from across the Investment Bank in seconds.
  • View market data, sales and trading market commentary, trade ideas, live pricing and research in the context of the idea you're looking at.
  • Find company data including key financials, research ratings and stock prices alongside relevant insights and research.
  • Create "follow" lists of UBS experts and topics to receive the latest relevant insights as soon as they're published, whether you’re at your desk or on the move.
  • Customize and shape your view of a market or topic by using "My Views" to see all the relevant pieces of UBS Neo content in one place.
  • See individual stock loan analytics alongside pricing and sales commentary to get the full picture of your stock in one place.
  • Instantly create and chart end-of-day data for multiple securities as well as FX rates, with the ability to overlay moving averages and Bollinger bands.


UBS Neo gives you the tools you need to trade on your ideas. Place trades-across multiple asset classes-through one seamless interface.

  • View actionable prices-color-coded so that you can quickly see, and act on, tradable prices.
  • Trade across a variety of asset classes, including Equities, Credit, Rates and Foreign Exchange.
  • Trade directly from your locates blotter.
  • Book individual locates or bulk-upload stocks.
  • Manage trade eligibility with help from built-in monitoring tools.
  • See, at a glance, the depth of market for securities that interest you.
  • Receive alerts for orders that have either been filled or missed


Monitor your active trades and use our suite of global financing tools to manage your portfolio and refine your investment decisions.

  • View each trade’s status and manage all trades directly from your trade blotters.
  • Actively manage your resting orders.
  • View your positions in the context of market insights and UBS research.
  • Access overnight and interactive reports on your positions.
  • Manage your cash for making payments, receives and FX hedging.