UBS Neo FX - Trading Cash Instruments

With UBS Neo FX, execute FX and precious metals spot, forward and swap orders with a single or double-click from our Quick Trade panel, which integrates a full order-management system with built-in regulatory compliance logic. Learn more about our cash instrument trading tools below.

Quick orders

Quick orders
  • Place orders inside the bid/ask spread directly from the Quick Trade panel, ensuring you never miss the market
  • Choose between manual or automatic order execution
  • Enter single-leg limits and stops

Limit orders

Limit orders
  • Choose among a variety of strategies, including:
    • Single-leg limits and stops
    • If-done
    • Multi-leg if-done
    • OCO
    • If-done OCO
  • Execute auto-roll trades for future dates you define
  • Create bespoke expiry dates
  • Benefit from a full audit trail

Spot/forward, swap and order tickets

  • Launch individual FX and precious metals spot, forward, swap and limit order tickets directly from the Quick Trade panel
  • Configure your Quick Trade panel to display outright forwards, swaps or a combination

Liquidity ladders

Liquidity ladders
  • Create your own bespoke liquidity ladder with single/double click execution
  • See the depth of the market instantly on the “streaming” liquidity bars
  • Follow in real time as the spread adjusts automatically to your changing liquidity profile
  • Send a request for quote for any face amount if your trade is too large to fill with the liquidity you see on the auto stream

Mini order blotters

  • View your currency-specific and precious metals orders directly from your Quick Trade panel
  • See how close your order is to execution using the color-coded “heat” indicators
  • Launch the full order ticket directly from the mini blotter to amend, cancel or clone

Integrated blotter

Create a bespoke trade blotter with Neo to integrate all the information you need for:

  • Cash trades
  • Options
  • Working orders
  • Filled orders

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