UBS Neo FX - Options

Through UBS Neo FX, trade a broad range of option types securely, including:

  • G10 currencies, emerging market currencies and precious metals
  • Vanillas: Vanilla, straddle, strangle, risk reversal, spread, calendar spread
  • Barriers: Generic barrier, knock-out (KO), knock-in (KI), reverse knock-out (RKO), reverse knock-in (RKI), European RKO, European RKI, European KIKO, RKO with rebate
  • Payouts and digitals: Touch, no-touch, double no-touch, digital, digital barrier
  • Exotic forwards: Knock-out forward, knock-in forward, European knock-in forward, double knock-in forward, reset forward

Our dual-mode option pricing has been engineered for performance and clarity, making execution easy and efficient. UBS Neo not only streams tradable prices around the clock, but also gives live tradable prices context by embedding real-time market intelligence alongside them to help you strengthen and refine your investment ideas. Learn more about our options trading tools below.

Dual-mode pricer

Dual-mode pricer

Condensed mode

  • Clearly see and quickly price vanilla strategies
  • Compare multiple structures on one panel from the pricing canvas

Multi-leg mode

  • Combine vanilla and first-generation exotic options into strips
  • Mass-edit values and quickly create strips with the suite of easy-to-use tools

Strip wizard

Dual-mode pricer
  • Generate a repeating pattern across successive expiry dates using the Strip Wizard
  • Set up an expiry, and then use the Strip Wizard to replicate it on a regular basis (monthly, biweekly, weekly)

FX volatility grid

  • View and compare volatilities for different option maturities on a range of currency pairs and precious metals using FX Volatility Grid
  • Choose the category of currency pairs or precious metals you want to view or create your own customized view, specifying the currency pairs, precious metals, deltas and tenors on show
  • An options pricer can be opened up from the Volatility Grid by double-clicking on the cell corresponding to the structure that interests you
  • FX Volatility grid
  • FX Volatility grid
  • FX Volatility grid

Price delivery

  • Stream live dealable prices for any vanilla structure of 12 or fewer legs
  • Send an RFQ, and UBS Neo FX will provide a static price with a suitable timeout during which you can trade
  • Quickly price options to get indicative levels, prior to dealing

Additional features

Dual-mode pricer

Dealer Intervention

  • Deals that cannot be priced electronically will automatically be sent to the trading desk for pricing and approval. Prices then come straight back to UBS Neo, where you can execute the trade


  • Solve for both strike and notional in UBS Neo, with dealable “solved-for” structures. When solving for strike it is possible to target all strikes, selected strikes or a single strike


  • The UBS Neo FX blotter shows your complete vanilla and first-generation exotic trade population with UBS. The blotter also shows your cash trades. Double-click any option trade to refresh a pricer

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