3-D Secure Service

What is "3-D Secure"?
"3-D Secure" is an internationally recognised standard for credit card payments on the Internet. When making purchases online, you additionally enter a personal password known only by you, which serves to identify you in a similar way to how your PIN code when making purchases in a shop.

How does "3-D Secure" work?
When making purchases from online shops that offer the "3-D Secure" service, a window appears during the payment process in which you must enter your personal "3-D Secure" password. A personal security message chosen by you ensures that the password check is actually carried out by UBS.

Where can I use "3-D Secure"?
Many online shops now use "3-D Secure". The logo shown below tells you that an online store offers "3-D Secure".

Logo MasterCard SecureCode

Otherwise, the payment process will continue to be carried out in the same way it has until now.

Where can I register my card for "3-D Secure"?

As of now you can sign up here for "3-D Secure". You can define your personal security message and password in just a few simple steps.

How can you change your password or security message?
You can change your password or security message any time after you sign up in "My 3-D Secure".

Please note
If you do not sign up now, you will be requested to do so the next time you make a purchase from an online shop that offers "3-D secure. Of course, you still have the possibility of disputing incorrect internet transactions.