Holistic Service

Picture Holistic Service

UBS has developed wealth management into a complete service to help you meet your challenges and achieve your goals. Our holistic approach means we take the time to understand your entire financial situation not just once, but on a continuing basis.

We take the time for you
As a discerning client, you require a dedicated professional advisor who takes the time to fully understand your unique requirements and aspirations. It is the foundation for a strong and lasting personal relationship - in other words a long-term partnership - aimed at ensuring your financial success.

Providing you with customized solutions
Using our unique structured advisory approach, your client advisor will provide tailored investment and financial solutions to meet your needs.

We partner you proactively
Because your client advisor understands your expectations and regularly reviews your wealth situation, we are able to respond proactively to your needs as they change over time. Your advisor will also monitor the financial environment and continuously seek out new opportunities to optimize your portfolio.

Draw on the expertise and resources of a global leader
Backed by our extensive global financial network, your advisor will open the door for you to the world's leading investment experts within UBS. Add to this a choice of high quality investments both in Japan and abroad, and you can be totally confident in your decisions.