E-services - easy access to information and services

As a client of UBS, you can choose from a variety of e-channels to enjoy easy access to your investment portfolio and market information, as well as to engage in virtual meetings with your client advisor.

With UBS e-banking, you can easily access your portfolio online wherever you are and whenever you want. This service allows you to track and monitor your portfolio information including balances, positions and transaction activities.

Selected UBS research publications are also available to our e-banking clients. Alternatively, your client advisor can help you subscribe to selected research publications on your behalf and you can choose to receive the subscribed reports via e-mail or e-banking.

For the full range of research publications, clients can access our online Wealth Management Research portal via UBS Quotes. The portal contains electronic versions of all of our publications and a self-service subscription tool to subscribe to your favorite publications and reports. UBS Quotes also offers detailed price information on a broad range of financial instruments, covering major worldwide stock exchanges and UBS products.

This complimentary service is available for clients with accounts held in Hong Kong and Singapore, providing regular updates on stock market indices and FX rates, market breaking news, as well as alerts on general market and strategy update teleconference calls in response to breaking news.

For details of any of the services mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact your client advisor.