Investor Day
May 2005


May 12, 2005 - Product Day

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Product Day

Speaker: Huw Jenkins

Investment Bank - Prime Brokerage

Speaker: Alex Ehrlich / 352 kB (PDF, 352 KB)

Investment Bank - Equity Research

Speaker: Tom Hill / 327 kB (PDF, 1 MB)

Wealth Management & Business Banking - Products & Services

Speaker: Jürg Haller / 391 kB (PDF, 391 KB)

Wealth Management Asia Pacific

Speaker: Kathryn Shih / 484 kB (PDF, 484 KB)

Wealth Management US & Bank USA

Speaker: Tom Naratil / 380 kB (PDF, 380 KB)

Global Asset Management

Speaker: Kai Sotorp / 341 kB (PDF, 341 KB)

Mortgage and Asset-Backed Securities

Speaker: David Martin / 330 kB (PDF, 330 KB)


Speaker: Andrew Amschwand / 561 kB (PDF, 561 KB)

Financial Appendix

Financial Appendix / 124 kB (PDF, 124 KB)

May 13, 2005 - Investor Day

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Investor Day 2005

Speaker: Peter Wuffli / 725 kB (PDF, 725 KB)

Investor Day 2005

Speaker: Clive Standish / 466 kB (PDF, 466 KB)

Wealth Management & Business Banking

Speaker: Marcel Rohner / 898 kB (PDF, 898 KB)

Wealth Management US

Speaker: Mark Sutton / 447 kB (PDF, 447 KB)

Asia Pacific

Speaker: Rory Tapner / 605 kB (PDF, 605 KB)

Global Asset Management

Speaker: John Fraser / 873 kB (PDF, 873 KB)

Investment Bank

Speaker: John Costas / 1421 kB (PDF, 1 MB)

Financial Appendix

Financial Appendix / 125 kB (PDF, 124 KB)

Caution regarding forward-looking statements:

This communication contains statements that constitute „forward-looking statements", including, but not limited to, statements relating to the implementation of strategic initiatives, such as the European wealth management business, and other statements relating to our future business development and economic performance.

While these forward-looking statements represent our judgments and future expectations concerning the development of our business, a number of risks, uncertainties and other important factors could cause actual developments and results to differ materially from our expectations.

These factors include, but are not limited to, (1) general market, macro-economic, governmental and regulatory trends, (2) movements in local and international securities markets, currency exchange rates and interest rates, (3) competitive pressures, (4) technological developments, (5) changes in the financial position or credit worthiness of our customers, obligors and counterparties and developments in the markets in which they operate, (6) legislative developments, (7) management changes and changes to our Business Group structure and (8) other key factors that we have indicated could adversely affect our business and financial performance which are contained in other parts of this document and in our past and future filings and reports, including those filed with the SEC.

More detailed information about those factors is set forth elsewhere in this document and in documents furnished by UBS and filings made by UBS with the SEC, including UBS's Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended 31 December 2003. UBS is not under any obligation to (and expressly disclaims any such obligations to) update or alter its forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.