UBS News Alert

mai 2015

  1. UBS AG announces final terms of cash or share dividend

    Zurich/Basel, 22 May 2015 – At their Annual General Meeting on 7 May 2015, shareholders of UBS AG approved the distribution of a cash or share (title) dividend ("COTD"). Accordingly, between 8 May 2015 and 21 May 2015, each UBS AG shareholder was able to elect to receive either CHF 0.50 per share in cash or a number of new shares to be determined so as to be of substantially equivalent value to CHF 0.50 per share.

  2. UBS participates in resolutions of industry-wide FX matter

    Zurich/Basel, 20 May 2015 – UBS announced today that it has approved entering into resolutions with the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Fed) and the Connecticut Department of Banking (CT DOB) in their investigations of the global foreign exchange (FX) markets. This follows the firm's resolutions last November with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, UK Financial Conduct Authority and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The bank continues to cooperate with ongoing investigations by other authorities in this industry-wide matter, which include investigations of individuals.


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