New world, new investment process

  • A global, yet highly sensitive radar.
  • More than 900 highly qualified analysts.
  • USD 1.7 trillion assets as a comparator.
  • Smart and alternative scenario development.
  • Uncompromising stress tests by external experts.
  • Clear recommendations for each region.

In short, an investment process that is tailored to your individual risk profile and your local needs. Substance delivered at high speed. What does your portfolio say to that? Get our answer

Stress tested - by external experts

We do not want to get too self-confident with our scenarios. Therefore, challenging our own thinking with external experts is a key building block of the success of UBS's House View. Experts from over 30 external fund managers have participated in our monthly Investment Strategy Sessions, helping test the CIO's assumptions in uncompromising debates.

Race the markets

Speed is king: That’s why we have cut our investment process from three weeks to five days.

Step by step to the UBS House View 

1. Research
First we identify the drivers and trends in global markets and economies. Then we involve external experts to ensure a broad and neutral view.

2. Scenarios
Our experts then apply their insights and anticipate market and economic developments - both globally and locally.

3. Strategies
Next, our investment strategists leverage insights and scenarios to identify key market risks and investment opportunities, and to assess risk/return expectations.

4. Review
These scenarios are stress tested and challenged. The investment strategy is debated and challenged by senior investment professionals from across UBS, complemented by an expert external advisory board. Consistency and risk control is a key consideration.

5. UBS House View
Finally, our Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and his team formulate the UBS House View. Your client advisor then applies the latest research and thinking to your individual portfolio.

Apply to your portfolio

Find out how to incorporate the UBS House View into your portfolio.