Austria and Central Europe

Our offering for Financial Intermediaries operating in Austria and Central Europe

We can support you in planning and implementing your investment strategies via our Products & Services regionally as well as globally, in order to allow you to provide best advice and execution to your clients. Specialized teams help you re strategy and development as well, they co-ordinate your access to all areas of UBS.

Products and Services

  • Wealth Management basic services
    With a securities account at UBS, your clients have access to all innovative products and services of a leading global bank.
  • Open fund architecture
    We offer your clients over 3,000 investment funds licensed for distribution in Austria and Central Europe.
  • Customised fund solutions
    Assistance in establishing and managing your individual investment fund project.

  • Active Trading Access
    Direct access to international markets and trading opportunities optimize your investment success.
  • Structured investment products
    Investment strategies for an optimized risk/return ratio. Our specialists will assist you in implementing your own structured products.
  • Events
    Dedicated events for Financial Intermediaries.

Modern technology

  • Electronic Banking (UBS Connect Luxembourg)
    Our e-Banking service provides Financial Intermediaries with access to up-to-date asset and transaction data, reporting functions plus general research and financial information.
  • Electronic reporting for your clients
    As an additional option your clients have direct access to state-of-the-art electronic reporting tools.

Online research
Global, in-depth information on prices, financial markets, industries, companies and trading ideas.

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