Corporate Employee Financial Services (CEFS)
Solutions for Plan Participants

UBS Corporate Employee Financial Services offers you as a plan participants access to a team of experts, that supports you on all questions regarding your equity-linked compensation with workshops, individual one-on-one consultations and proactive service

Picture CEFS Administration


If your corporation administers its equity-linked compensation plans via our internet-based platform, you will have direct access to EquatePlus. Online modelling, portfolio valuations and real-time trading capabilities will make control of your plan assets easy.

Picture CEFS Education


We offer seminars that provide a better understanding of the basics of your plans and the details of the instruments used, and address tax regulations and other specific issues.

Picture CEFS Advice


For executives with a more complex background we offer "Premier Advisory Services": In personal one-on-one meetings with special trained client advisors you can address your unique and sophisticated questions.