Solutions for Corporations

CEFS examines your equity-linked compensation plans with you in detail to design a service offering customised for your needs.

The platform for you and your employees: EquatePlus

  • All processes, including grants, elections, forfeitures, distributions, compliance checks, during the life cycle of your stock benefit plans are handled via EquatePlus

  • All major stock exchanges and currencies are supported for the trading and payment processing required for your plans

  • The platform supports a wide range of plan vehicles such as shares, options and warrants, Restricted Share Units (RSU), Share Appreciation Rights (SAR), and American Depositary Receipts (ADR), directly supported with straight-through or bulk processing

  • EquatePlus can also support complex plan conditions such as absolute and relative performance hurdles supported by portfolio simulations with real-time values for your participants

We offer you:

  • Open-system architecture

  • Centralised database with user-defined, global access for all involved parties via Internet

  • Powerful communication targeting and publishing tool (to all, defined groups, individuals)

  • Flexible reporting tool to support all corporate requirements

  • Transparent plan management (systematic application of insider-rules, black-out-periods, plan rules in case of plan participant and/or corporate events)

  • Award process support (e. g. Grant uploading, Election facility) incl. Tax withholding and reporting to local payrolls

  • Reliable datamanagement

  • Country and/or corporate-specific Solutions e. g. Trustmodel, Creation of shares out of conditional capital, taxation tool