Legal information and provisions for subscribers to UBS newsletters

Your personal data will be used for the purpose of processing the service you have selected and forwarded by UBS to an external company for confidential processing. The data concerned may also be used by UBS for its own marketing purposes in dealings between the bank and yourself. Anyone (clients and non-clients) may sign up for this service and cancel it again at any time. Newsletter subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, either by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of the newsletter or via the website on which the subscription was started. Electronic communication between yourself and UBS and the external company in Switzerland acting on behalf of UBS is carried out on the basis of publicly accessible communication services (especially Internet/non-encrypted e-mails) and the available security standards. With your registration you are also indicating your acceptance of this method of data processing.

Please note that e-mails in particular are associated with considerable risks, including lack of confidentiality, manipulation of content and sender details, misrouting, viruses, etc. The possibility that, as a result of the delivery of an unencrypted e-mail (e.g. UBS electronic newsletter), a banking relationship with UBS may be deduced, cannot be ruled out. UBS accepts no liability for damages or losses associated with these risks. UBS also does not accept any instructions, revocation of instructions or powers of attorney, blocking of credit cards, etc., by e-mail. If it nonetheless receives e-mails of this sort, UBS is not obliged to expressly reject them.

The degree to which the information is up to date in the newsletters is limited to the time of delivery. The information supplied by UBS is therefore not necessarily fully up to date. Newsletters may also contain information provided by third parties. Although UBS carefully selects its data sources, errors may still occur and delays may arise. UBS cannot guarantee or accept responsibility for the content of information in terms of accuracy and degree to which it is up to date. UBS also has the right to discontinue or modify the service at any time.