Banks Academy – FX Option Trading

This seminar offers you a great opportunity to understand options and the several factors that can impact their valuation and price. You will learn how to choose between different strategies, based on given boundaries, targets and market conditions. You will see the notion of implied and actual volatility, how to trade them and how to deal with the “Greeks“. You will also approach the subject of exotic options, how to use them, and how the barriers affect their price. An option trading game will additionally give you a unique opportunity to get familiar with the topics just studied.


This seminar is designed for bankers only and for participants who have a fundamental idea of what options are and how they behave, and who want to deepen and leverage their option knowledge.


Fundamental knowledge of foreign exchange, money market and options is strongly recommended. This seminar is suitable for you if you can answer the following questions: How can you leverage your spot position with FX options? What is the difference between intrinsic value and volatility value and how can you calculate them? Are you aware of which parameter /greek is most important in option trading?

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Stefan Franze

Stefan Franze

Stefan started his career in FX Sales 2003 in Frankfurt after having finished his studies at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg, focusing on Investment Banking and Capital Markets. He joined UBS 2010 after having worked for an Investment Bank in London. He covers Institutional Clients in Germany/Austria and holds a CFA charter.