Tackle tomorrow's challenges effectively and take advantage of future opportunities

New technologies, demographic changes, globalization and growing emerging markets are changing the world. In this transformation process, it is key that we approach challenges in financial markets effectively and take advantage of opportunities to create sustainable benefits.

"Only the best brains to exploit key trends"

As financial market experts, we know that the big picture plays an important role. However, an overview is no longer sufficient; only profound expertise can help you successfully cope with investment and treasury management issues.

Mastering tomorrow's challenges requires specialist knowledge

With the Financial Markets Academy (FMA), we want to provide our clients with a platform to gain or expand on this expert know-how. The interactive nature of the Academy is designed to offer professional knowledge on current trends from experienced instructors who operate in the markets daily. We provide education from professionals to professionals.

In 2013, the focus will be on currency and short-term interest rate management. Once again, we offer the FX Basic Seminar and the Basic Seminar in Technical Analysis. At the advanced level, we will tackle Treasury Management and Funding, as well as Technical Analysis. Additionally, we are offering two corporate seminars for our institutionals and corporate clients only, with a focus on managing foreign exchange and interest rate risks.

In a world of increasing individualization, a solid network plays an extremely important role in maintaining deep and rich relationships. That is why we offer you this unique possibility to meet peers and FMA experts.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Financial Markets Academy 2013