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Our newsletters - written by banking professionals for banking professionals - provide in-depth analysis of important industry trends and the latest market develpoments.

News for Banks is UBS's semi-annual publication for banks. It aims to provide you with in-depth insight into industry trends, regulatory initiatives and market relevant political decisions and changes.

Current Issue




We are pleased to present you with the latest edition of News for Banks. In our cover we feature this time an in-depth interview with UBS Chairman of the Board, Axel Weber. Our Chairman took the time to share his insights on a wide range of key industry topics  – from regulation to technology and the future needs of clients.
In our second interview, Markus Ronner, UBS Head of Regulatory Relations and Strategic Initiatives, discusses the rationale behind the recent changes in UBS’s legal structure, and how there will be no change in our ability to provide the best possible service to our clients.