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News for Banks is UBS's semi-annual publication for banks. It aims to provide you with in-depth insight into industry trends, regulatory initiatives and market relevant political decisions and changes.

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Our focus this time is on the challenges facing wealth managers. In our cover we feature an in-depth talk with UBS Wealth Management CEO Jürg Zeltner about industry trends. Karin Oertli, head of UBS Global Financial Intermediaries, tells us why some banks are considering giving back their licenses and becoming intermediaries. And Steve Hottiger, head of UBS Group Governmental Affairs, writes about the most important regulatory developments facing wealth managers. Wealth management is, however, not our only topic. We also feature articles on important developments in intraday liquidity management, supply chain finance and in the world of global custody. Finally, we have what we think is an interesting case study showing how UBS helped a Danish bank implement a global equities platform. The story highlights the increasingly interlinked nature of the industry, and the value of good relationships and cooperation among banks.