Investment Outlook

Oil market dynamics

Oil market dynamics

March 2015

A thematic report on oil market dynamics and their potential impact on asset classes and economies, based on GIS’s inaugural theme-specific Cyclical Market Forum which focused on oil markets.

July 2012 - Economic and market developments in perspective

Global Asset Views

April 2015
Economic and market developments in perspective
Global AM’s Cyclical Market Forum meets quarterly and includes representatives from all investment teams, chaired by Curt Custard, head of Global Investment Solutions. The Forum discusses and votes on the probability of three economic scenarios and the implications for asset classes. Global Asset Views provides forecasts for growth and inflation in the world’s biggest economies under each scenario, and discusses the outlook for asset classes including equities, fixed income and currencies.

Investing in 2015

December 2014

Investing in 2015 is our flagship annual publication surveying the world in the upcoming year.

This year, our flagship annual publication begins with articles on five investment themes affecting markets in which we invest. Second, each of the five centers of expertise in our Global Investment Solutions (GIS) team highlight a topic that they think will be relevant in the coming year. Finally, we look at five types of investor looming large on the investment landscape.
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