Supply Management Values

One way UBS works to provide first-class financial solutions is through superior supply management, which depends on adhering to the following values:


UBS ensures that its activities reflect ethical and responsible practices by adhering to applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and we expect our suppliers to do likewise. Suppliers providing goods and services to UBS must act ethically and responsibly, appropriately minimizing risks to the firm and our clients.

Supplier relationships

UBS prioritizes strong relationships, with our business partners as much as with our clients. Supply management enables UBS to work together with suppliers to measure the services and products the firm receives and to improve their delivery and quality. Our partnerships with suppliers aim to increase collaboration and innovation, and generate ideas to better our operations.


Sourcing activities used in the supplier selection process, such as competitive bids and market reviews to evaluate price, quality and risk ensure the best value for our expenditures. Operating as efficiently as possible helps the firm to protect and build shareholder value.

Social and environmental responsibility

UBS strives to act responsibly toward the communities in which the firm does business and to protect the environment. We expect our suppliers to match our high ethical standards in supply chain management through a mutually agreed Responsible Supply Chain statement. In addition, we pursue professional certifications and activities, such as ISO-14001 and LEED certifications and the purchase of carbon offsets, to incorporate sustainability practices into our operations.

Continuous improvement

UBS works to continuously improve our business processes by evaluating our operations and monitoring changes in external markets. We value suppliers who offer expertise, flexibility and innovation in the services and goods they provide to UBS.

Consistent approach

Our sourcing, procurement, and contracting activities facilitate a supplier selection process that enables the firm to conduct due diligence and evaluate risk efficiently and consistently.