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December 2014

  1. Changes to the UBS Board of Directors

    Jes Staley to be nominated for election to the UBS Board of Directors at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

  2. UBS SME barometer: Recovery for industrial companies

    Conditions for industrial companies have improved somewhat. The SME barometer increased to 0.00 points from -0.37. Recently, conditions for large industrial companies also eased slightly. From September to October the indicator rose to 0.33 points from -0.38.

  3. UBS raises salaries for employees

    UBS will increase the salaries for its employees in Switzerland, up to and including middle management, by an aggregate of 0.8%.

November 2014

  1. UBS consumption indicator: Consumer climate remains positive

    In October, the UBS consumption indicator fell from 1.39 to 1.29 points. Deteriorating consumer sentiment and a gloomy assessment in the retail sector pulled the UBS consumption indicator down.

  2. UBS SumUp wins Best Swiss App for 2014


  3. Global Ultra Wealthy Population Reaches Record High of 211,275 Individuals with Combined Net Worth of Nearly US$30 Trillion

    North America and Europe remain world’s leading regions in terms of UHNW population and wealth; global UHNW population expected to surpass 250,000 in five years

  4. UBS participates in regulatory resolutions of industry-wide FX matter

    Foreign-exchange related investigations resolved with FINMA, CFTC, FCA
    Total charges fully provisioned in third quarter of 2014

  5. UBS Outlook Switzerland: bilateral agreements a happy medium

    Following the referendum on mass immigration, the debate on the future direction of Switzerland in Europe and the importance of the bilateral agreements has reignited. From an economic viewpoint, bilateralism is a successful balance between integration into the European internal market and preservation of political and institutional autonomy. The bilateral approach should be preserved to secure the long-term viability of market access in Europe.

  6. Real estate bubble index climbs despite subdued price behavior

    The UBS Swiss Real Estate Bubble Index is now at 1.29 index points after a 0.05 point increase. The rise in the index stands in contrast to the now subdued price behavior for owner-occupied homes, although it does reflect the relatively weaker performance of incomes, consumer prices and rents. 

October 2014

  1. UBS consumption indicator: a better start to the fall

    The UBS consumption indicator rose slightly in September to 1.41 points from 1.28. This stopped the downward trend of the last three months.

  2. UBS Compensation Survey: salaries to rise 0.9% in 2015

    Despite low inflation expectations, salaries are set to rise 0.9% in 2015 due to robust economic conditions. The IT sector will show the largest growth. Tourism, by contrast, will see no pay increases.