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December 2014

  1. Changes to the UBS Board of Directors

    Jes Staley to be nominated for election to the UBS Board of Directors at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

  2. UBS Wealth Management’s CIO Year Ahead & Asia in 2015: Prospects for a diverging world

    Investors face a diverging world in 2015, with uneven GDP growth, divided economic policies, and variable prospects for financial assets.

November 2014

  1. Global Ultra Wealthy Population Reaches Record High of 211,275 Individuals with Combined Net Worth of Nearly US$30 Trillion

    North America and Europe remain world’s leading regions in terms of UHNW population and wealth; global UHNW population expected to surpass 250,000 in five years

  2. UBS participates in regulatory resolutions of industry-wide FX matter

    Foreign-exchange related investigations resolved with FINMA, CFTC, FCA
    Total charges fully provisioned in third quarter of 2014

  3. UBS launches dedicated Values-Based Investing team in Asia Pacific

    Caters to increased client interest to pursue a sustainable investment approach

    Rising global challenges such as climate change, water scarcity, the depletion of other important natural resources, and other human-induced factors are putting pressure on the world’s economy and cannot be neglected. Recent cases have shown that companies are exposed to significant risks arising from lack of governance and ethical standards, such as governance lapses, and accounting scandals. Hence, social and environmental factors are no longer just a “nice to have” moral considerations, but a vital “must have”.  As this topic is becoming increasingly important also to clients globally, UBS has launched a dedicated Values-Based Investment team in Hong Kong to cater to our clients’ needs in the region.

October 2014

  1. UBS Wins Global Private Banker Award for Second Consecutive Year

    UBS is named Best Global Private Bank, Best Private Bank in Asia, Best Brand in Private Banking and Best Private Bank for Philanthropy Services in the 2014 Global Private Banking Awards

  2. UBS's third-quarter 2014 result

  3. Insights into Billionaires’ Balance Sheets

    Global Family Office Report 2014: Largest Family Office Research Study ever offers insight into Asia-Pacific Family Office Performance and Structures

  4. UBS's third quarter 2014 results – Tuesday, 28 October 2014

    UBS invites you to the presentation of its third quarter 2014 results on Tuesday, 28 October 2014. The results will be presented by Sergio P. Ermotti, Group Chief Executive Officer, Tom Naratil, Group Chief Financial Officer and Group Chief Operating Officer, Caroline Stewart, Global Head of Investor Relations and Hubertus Kuelps, Group Head of Communications & Branding.