Significant shareholders

According to the disclosure notifications filed with UBS AG and the SIX Swiss Exchange based on the Swiss Stock Exchange Act:

- On 18 September  2013, the Government of Singapore, Singapore, as beneficial owner of Government of Singapore Investment Corp, disclosed a change of name from Government of Singapore Investment Corp. to GIC Private Limited, effective from 22 July 2013 with a holding of 6.40% of the total share capital of UBS AG.

- On 30 September 2011, Norges Bank (the Central Bank of Norway), Oslo, disclosed a holding of 3.04% of the total share capital of UBS AG.

- On 17 December 2009, BlackRock Inc., New York, disclosed under the Swiss Stock Exchange Act a holding of 3.45% of the total share capital of UBS AG.

In accordance with the Swiss Stock Exchange Act, the percentages indicated above were calculated in relation to the share capital reflected in the Articles of Association of UBS AG at the time of the respective disclosure notification.

Information on disclosures under the Swiss Stock Exchange Act can be found on the following website of the SIX Swiss Exchange: SIX Swiss Exchange.

Information on the notification obligations for shareholders under the Swiss Stock Exchange Act can be found on the following website: Notification obligations.

According to our share register, the shareholders (acting in their own name or in their capacity as nominees for other investors or beneficial owners) listed in the table below were registered with 3% or more of the total share capital.

Shareholders registered in the UBS share register with 3% or more of shares issued


30 September 2014 31 December 2013 31 December 2012  

Chase Nominees Ltd, London

11.65% 11.73% 11.94%

DTC (Cede & Co.), New York*

6.76% 5.89% 5.28%
GIC Private Limited, Singapore 6.39% 6.39% 6.40%

Nortrust Nominees Ltd, London

3.54% 3.75% 3.84%

*DTC (Cede & Co.), New York, "The Depository Trust Company" is a US clearing organization.

We have special provisions for the registration of fiduciaries and nominees. Fiduciaries and nominees are entered in the share register with voting rights up to a total of 5% of all shares issued, if they agree to disclose upon our request, beneficial owners holding 0.3% or more of all UBS shares. An exception to the 5% voting limit rule exists for securities clearing organizations, such as The Depository Trust Company in New York.