UBS Investor Events

UBS Investor Day 2009

The UBS Investor Day 2009 took place in Zurich on November 17, 2009.

  • Group Strategy & Transformation
    Ulrich Körner (Group Chief Operating Officer and CEO Corporate Center)
    Download presentation (PDF, 238 KB)

  • Risk and Finance
    Philip Lofts (Group Chief Risk Officer)
    John Cryan (Group Chief Financial Officer)
    Download presentation (PDF, 172 KB)

  • Investment Bank
    Alex Wilmot-Sitwell (Co-CEO UBS Investment Bank)
    Carsten Kengeter (Co-CEO UBS Investment Bank)
    Download presentation (PDF, 149 KB)

  • Wealth Management & Swiss Bank
    Jürg Zeltner (CEO Wealth Management)
    Franco Morra (CEO UBS Switzerland)
    Download presentation (PDF, 235 KB)

  • Wealth Management Americas
    Robert McCann (CEO Wealth Management Americas)
    Download presentation (PDF, 99 KB)

  • Global Asset Management
    John Fraser (Chairman and CEO Global Asset Management)
    Download presentation (PDF, 156 KB)

  • Regional Strategy: Asia Pacific
    Chi-Won Yoon (Chairman and CEO Asia Pacific)
    Download presentation (PDF, 153 KB)