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As head of Global Investment Solutions within UBS Global Asset Management, Curt Custard leads a global team of multi-asset investment specialists based in seven time zones, seeking the best investment opportunities and solutions in equities, bonds, real estate and commodities.

His recent insights include a prediction of social instability, published in a UBS paper and featured in the Financial Times a week before the London riots and six weeks before the start of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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Curt Custard in the media

Investing in 2014

Investing in 2014, is our flagship annual flagship publication. This year, we look at eight related structural and cyclical themes and their investment ramifications for 2014. In response to client demand, Investing in 2014 focuses on long-term, multi-faceted investment topics ranging from energy evolution to central bank actions.

2014 Outlook

In an audio webcast, UBS's most influential Opinion Leaders discussed their views on what could be in store for the global economy in the months ahead. Curt Custard and other Opinion Leaders discussed why they are predicting a modest acceleration in growth next year and what the major risks and opportunities are for the world economy and markets in 2014. The discussion covered topics where our Opinion Leaders are in agreement, including global growth, global equities and US high yield credit, as well as some which sparked some healthy debate, such as how to play the Japanese story and tapering. The panel then addressed questions submitted by employees in advance and during the broadcast.

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