Corporate responsibility

At UBS, corporate responsibility means 'doing the right thing' - both now and in the future. Our commitment to this is incorporated in the principles and standards set out in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. These apply to all aspects of our business and the ways in which we engage with our stakeholders - from the products and services we offer our clients, our management of environmental and social risks, to the way we protect the well-being of our employees. Corporate responsibility is embedded at every level helping us to adopt a responsible and sustainable approach to doing business while underlining our desire to contribute to the communities in which we do business.

We understand that to be taken seriously as a responsible corporate citizen takes time, and that a solid and proven track record counts for more than a series of quick wins. We have such a track record. The guiding principles and standards set out in our Code of Conduct shape our business activities and all our dealings with our stakeholders including clients, colleagues, shareholders, regulators and business partners. But our commitment to acting in a responsible and sustainable manner extends much wider than that. In 1992, we were one of the first banks to sign up to the UN Environment Program's Bank Declaration (UNEP FI). In 2000, we were among the first companies to sign the UN Global Compact, the largest corporate responsibility initiative globally to date. We co-founded the Wolfsberg Group, an association of 11 global banks committed to setting the standards to combat global financial crime. More recently, we co-launched the Thun Group of Banks’ discussion paper on banking and human rights which examines the ways in which our industry can effectively implement the  UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.