Career development

At UBS, we foster a culture of strong performance, personal accountability and individual development. Our performance management framework features regular opportunities for employee-manager dialogue, consistent assessment processes and clear links between performance, behavior and outcomes. Our goal is to give our employees and leaders what they need to excel in their roles, progress in their careers, and ultimately create value for our clients and other shareholders.

As a priority, we actively develop our current and future leaders. We focus especially on strengthening their ability to lead people in line with our principles and to put our strategy into practice.

All employees can access a broad range of development opportunities on the job and through e-learning and targeted training programs, as well as customized talent development programs and coaching: 


The UBS Business University  integrates UBS's leadership and learning capabilities under a single virtual roof. It aligns the training and education activities for UBS employees around the world and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Our e-learning portfolio, which consists of more than 5,100 courses, allows employees to build skills at their own pace. Topics include communication skills, management and leadership development, financial markets and IT. In 2013, our employees participated in about 776,000 development activities, including approximately 512,000 mandatory training sessions focusing on various compliance and regulatory topics.


Our mentoring programs provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, build cross-business relationships and contribute to strengthening a culture of sustained performance, individual development and mutual respect across the firm.

Mentoring is an important element of UBS's many talent development programs, from graduate level upwards. Participants are usually paired with a senior manager or colleague who provides ongoing advice and support on the participant's learning and development activities.

Because each business and region has different characteristics, business needs and challenges, we support a rich variety of mentoring programs around the world.

Internal mobility

Development is essentially taking action to consider interests and build new skills to reach professional and personal goals. It involves both reflection and action, including formulating mid- to long-term career aspirations and creating development goals within and beyond the current role.

An internal move can be a great vehicle for individual development. Therefore, we foster a culture of continuous individual development and support our employees in preparing for an internal move. We also promote transparent hiring processes and publish a comprehensive internal job board that is visible to employees in all business divisions and operating regions. For UBS, internal mobility refers to the movement of people between roles, as well as across functions, divisions and possibly geographies.