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Explore different specialist areas to better understand the range of roles across the firm and learn about areas where your expertise could be utilized. 

All of our business, control and corporate management areas rely on strong administrative and support professionals to ensure high-quality exectution and enhance the client experience. 

UBS Client Advisors have the advantage of working for the leader in their market. They are at the center of a high-quality advisory process that produces innovative financial solutions for all kinds of client requirements.

UBS's cost management and capital discipline are decisive factors in our operational stability and the creation of value for clients and shareholders. Finance provides financial transparency across the whole of UBS and acts as a consultant to senior management. 

Financial Advisors deliver the UBS client experience to affluent individuals and successful businesses throughout the United States. 

UBS is one of the world's leading asset managers. We offer institutional and private investors a broad choice of traditional, alternative and real estate investments. UBS is also one of the leading providers of services to hedge funds of all sizes and strategies. Through our partnership approach, service ethic and ability to provide our clients with customized solutions, we have built a commanding position and global reputation as a prime broker and fund administrator. And finally, our Fund Services is a global fund administration business that delivers professional services for traditional/mutual funds, alternative funds and other collective investment vehicles from centers located in Canada, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. 

Competitive strength in the financial services industry depends, more than anything else, on the expertise, talent and commitment of a firm's employees. Our HR function ensures we hire, develop and retain excellent employees and partners with business heads to ensure they have the workforce and organization they need to succeed in ever-changing markets. 

Information technology has revolutionized financial services and UBS is at the leading edge of its global application. The IT function is responsible for building and maintaining applications and a systems infrastructure with the capacity and capability to achieve our strategic goals. 

Group Internal Audit is instrumental in ensuring that UBS upholds the highest standards of risk management and control. 

Our Investment Banking Department provides world-class advice and execution to a wide range of corporations, financial sponsors and hedge funds around the world.

Legal and Compliance helps uphold UBS's reputation by identifying, analyzing, controlling and mitigating legal and compliance risks in a professional, timely and efficient manner. 

The management & business support team drives our growth by providing the detailed analysis, intelligence and understanding that support informed decision-making and lead to greater business success. 

Marketing & Communications professionals help ensure that UBS's strategy, priorities and business direction are effectively communicated to stakeholders globally. 

UBS does business with clients all over the world. Operations ensures that their deals are settled swiftly and accurately. With our extensive global networks, we are able to execute global transactions while providing local client service. 

Process & project management professionals are highly valued in our fast-changing business environment for their ability to enhance our performance and support the growth of our business. 

Our Product Management & Development units provide investment solutions for high net worth private investors, wholesale and institutional investors and intermediaries. 

UBS is widely recognized for the quality of its research. Our analysts are regularly voted among the best in client polls and industry surveys and rankings. 

Taking risk is an integral part of UBS's business. The aim is to achieve an appropriate balance between risk and return, based on an informed assessment of potential risk developments in all conditions, and our Risk specialists provide the advice and controls necessary to get the balance right. 

Sales professionals at UBS have the advantages of a global client base, a constant flow of ideas and insights from our highly rated research teams and an outstanding trading operation. UBS is highly regarded for its ability to provide liquidity, speed, and accuracy in executing complex trades in all global markets.