Deadlines & contacts

Asia Pacific  
Full-time associate program Australia
Applications closed at 12.00pm AEST on 9 April 2013

Singapore (local schools)  

29 September 2013

  Asia (excl. Japan, Singapore)
20 October 2013

Japan (schools overseas)* 

Details coming soon

For further information, please visit our website:

Summer associate internships

Melbourne program: applications close at 12.00pm AEST on       27 June 2013

Sydney program: applications close at 12.00 pm AEST on      25 July 2013

  Asia (excl. Japan)
17 November 2013
  Japan (schools overseas)*
Details coming soon
For further information, please visit our website:
Recruitment contacts Australia & New Zealand:
Hong Kong and other APAC locations:

* For Japanese domestic schools, please visit

The Americas  
Full-time associate program November 15, 2012
Summer associate internships January 1, 2013
Recruitment contacts UBS Campus Recruitment or your campus career services center will be your point of contact throughout the application process and to answer any questions you may have.

Additionally, if you have further questions once you have received an offer, we recommend you get in touch with the contacts you have made during the interview process.

UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Please note that we currently do not offer specialized programs targeted at MBA students or graduates. We do, however, welcome applications from MBAs when we are looking for experienced professionals. Click here to explore job openings for experienced professionals.


In Switzerland,  we invite MBAs to explore positions posted for experienced professionals. In addition, we recruit MBAs for our Wealth Management Associate Program.