Why UBS?

Why UBS?

UBS fosters a development and learning culture that creates opportunities for every employee to grow as an individual and provides a platform to empower them professionally. Despite the size and scope of the organization, you'll see that you work for a firm that values you as an individual.

In addition, we know that success comes from working collaboratively with others: at UBS, you'll experience a unique collaborative environment in which teamwork thrives.

Working at UBS means being part of a global team where your career can move forward. Our size, structure and way of working together presents opportunities to those who pursue them.

We bring together the ideas of people from 150 nations every day, working across geographic and business boundaries to fulfill our clients’ needs. Your access to our resources and colleagues around the globe translates to opportunities, knowledge and experience.

At UBS you work side by side with other great professionals - smart and supportive colleagues and inspiring managers who motivate you to give your best. When you create a great team of people who are driven by a commitment to excellence, the results are better than any one of us could achieve on our own.

Our work environment encourages you to take the initiative and showcase your abilities. Everyone at UBS is encouraged to perform to the highest professional standards – and your contribution will be recognized and rewarded.

Relationships are the basis of our business. We combine our talents to give our clients the best results. We take great pride in our distinctive working culture that fosters open-mindedness, teamwork, respect and mutual support.

You’ll have the experience of working together with other outstanding people who are used to performing to the most exacting standards. When you join us, you’ll find we’re committed to our guiding principles of client focus, sustainable performance and excellence. If you admire those qualities, you’ll be in good company.

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