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The UBS Horizons Program

As a leading financial services firm, one of UBS’s main purposes is to create long-term value. UBS, together with its employees, seeks to have a positive influence on the social and environmental well-being of local communities in which it is active. This belief in giving back to the community led to the creation of the UBS Horizons Program.

The UBS Horizons Program aims to recruit ambitious students who believe in our values and who have a strong interest in beginning their career with UBS, to invest in our communities. This program will give students graduating in 2016, from a European university, the opportunity to challenge themselves by travelling abroad with Raleigh International to work on community or environmental projects in the summer of 2014. If you are successful you may find yourself building community education facilities or supporting rainforest conservation programmes on a 5-week Raleigh expedition to Borneo, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, or Tanzania. At the end of your chosen project, you will embark on a week-long adventure challenge. This could involve raft building, trekking through rainforest and competitive survival activities.

This experience will provide you with the opportunity to gain transferable skills that you can use in your career. You will:


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  • learn how to build and maintain relationships through working with individuals from diverse cultures in the Raleigh volunteer teams
  • develop resilience to get things done and perform to a high standard
  • improve communication and influencing skills
  • improve planning and decision making skills
  • learn to be more innovative by sharing ideas and identifying opportunities to improve methods and processes

Once you complete this incredible journey you will have valuable skills that will help you stand out from your peers, but we want to help you develop your skills further. You will be invited to the 2014 Insights Program prior to your expedition for a one week look into the UBS offices. In the summer of 2015 you will be a part of the UBS internship program where you can really show what you have learned. Your new skills, coupled with your interest in a career in Investment Banking will provide you with the opportunity to launch your career.

During the internship program UBS will look to you for your individual and unique way of contributing to the organization. You will be working with a team where you will have the opportunity to voice your ideas and receive feedback through our collaborative working culture. Through the community or conservation project work you did the summer before you will be prepared for the internship and prove to be a great part of our team.

Click here to apply for Horizons by 19 January 2014.

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