Business University

Knowledge drives performance

The UBS Business University integrates UBS's leadership and learning capabilities under a single virtual roof. It aligns the training and education activities for UBS employees around the world, and establishes a center of excellence that promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Putting strategy into practice

The UBS Business University enhances the skills and capabilities that employees, particularly those in the front office, need to implement our business strategies and deliver superior client service. It streamlines processes and tools that were previously business division-based to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The basic UBS strategic principles – reputation, integration and execution – determine the direction and focus of the educational offering.

Three faculties, a variety of pathways

The training is leader-led. Senior managers as well as external and internal subject matter experts (SMEs) sponsor and deliver programs, and provide instruction designed both to promote leadership capabilities and to improve professional skills. As such, the Business University is divided into three faculties:

  • the Leadership Faculty, which offers comprehensive programs for line managers

  • the Control and Risk Faculty, which provides mandatory risk education as well as in-depth training for specialist functions

  • and the Business Faculty, arranged along learning pathways according to the needs and priorities of the business divisions for specific, mostly client-facing roles.

Learning pathways consist of a chronological series of activities, events and experiences that ensure consistent training across similar roles worldwide. Each pathway encompasses four levels (Induction, Foundation, Enhancement and Specialization) built on a cross-divisional framework. It proceeds from introducing UBS methods and standards to developing highly targeted specialized know-how. It also includes training in Legal, Risk & Compliance; Sales & Advisory; and Products & Finance.

MyCampus makes it easy to enroll

Most of the Leadership Faculty programs require a nomination process. Business Faculty programs will be looked at individually by employees and their line manager within their PMM objective-setting discussions. In doing so they can choose the appropriate pathway/module based on any gaps identified in the employee's business knowledge and skills.

MyCampus, the new single global learning platform, gives employees access to the various learning programs and products on offer, and enables them to plan courses, engage in e-learning modules and track their learning history. It will also give them detailed examples of a learning pathway.

Knowledge is key

Knowledge has major strategic importance for UBS, and the UBS Business University makes clear the firm's commitment to ensuring that its employees are at the forefront of banking expertise.