UBS Securities ResearchQ-Series®

Where Socrates Meets Wall Street


With the Q-Series® initiative, UBS truly aims to assist our investing clients by bringing to bear the full intellectual capacity of our firm to aggressively anticipate and answer the pivotal questions that need to be addressed in the context of the investment process.

Q-Series® research is available through all regular UBS distribution channels, (e.g., the Equities Client Portal). We have also established an email distribution list for clients who wish to receive all the Q-Series® research directly. UBS analysts always host conference calls after a Q-Series® note or report is released, and replays are available. This either happens on the same day of release or shortly thereafter.

Initiative and philosophy

The Q-Series® initiative is focused on continual questioning, leading a firmwide drive for more thoughtful, proprietary, valuable research. Our objective is to focus and leverage the global resources of UBS to form a strong partnership with our clients.

Questioning methodology

The Q-Series® philosophy attempts to apply the Socratic method to the creation of Wall Street research. Critical thinking, challenging assumptions, reasoning by analogy, and constructive dialogue are paramount.

Basic criteria

Reports must pose a pivotal investment question as vetted with the UBS Research Development Committee. They must answer the question utilizing incremental analysis and primary research supporting the case. And the reports must make the investment conclusions clear.