Fee Standard

Standard Fees & Commissions – Valid as of October 8, 2013

Part I: Regulated Price

No. Charging Items Standard Fees Charging Basis
1 Open of Account Free Interim Measures
for management of
commercial bank
service prices (CBRC,
NDRC 2003 No.3)
2 Closure of Account Free

RMB Remittances
(a) Inward transfers

SPC, PBOC notice
on the development of
electronic remittance
charging standard
(Jijiage [2001] No.791)
(b) Outward transfers
Outward amount ≤ 10k
10k < Outward amount ≤ 100k
100k < Outward amount ≤ 500k
500k < Outward amount ≤ 1m
1m < Outward amount

0.002% of Outward amount,
but maximum RMB200

Part II: Market adjusted Price

No. Charging Items Standard Fees Charging Basis
1 FX Remittances
(a) Inward transfers
(b) Outward transfers
Free RMB150 or FX equivalent Based on internal
cost and market
2 Account Service Fee RMB1000 per annum
(applicable to accounts with assets below RMB1m)
3 Historical Record Charges RMB100 per statement/advice for current year
RMB200 per statement/advice for prior year
4 Audit Confirmation / Account
Balance Confirmation letter
5 External Guarantee 2.5% of the principal or less
6 QDII Product Subscription fee: 0% - 2.5%
Redemption fee: 0% - 2.5%
Maintenance fee: 0% - 1%
Fees and charges may vary depending on the individual product. Please refer to the term sheet of the particular product for details.


  • The above charges do not include out-of-pocket expenses, such as stamp duties, postage, cable charge, correspondent bank charges, if any.
  • Any transaction requiring special handling will be subject to extra charges commensurate with the amount of work involved.
  • This schedule is subject to change. In case of any change, we shall notify you of such change or make public announcement in accordance with PRC laws and regulations.
  • Should you have any further questions concerning either our fees or commissions, please contact your client advisor.
  • Customer complaint hotline: +8610-5832 7199.