UBS Business Card Basic
Your advantages in detail

Portale UBS Cards Online per I titolari della carta

Il portale UBS Cards Online consente ai titolari della carta di verificare sempre e ovunque il riepilogo dettagliato delle loro spese e il limite di credito ancora disponibile.

Portale UBS Commercial Cards Online per l’azienda

Con il portale UBS Commercial Cards Online potete controllare tutte le transazioni compiute dai vostri collaboratori con le carte di credito, effettuare valutazioni, consultare il limite del conto principale e quello della carta di credito, nonché ordinare servizi supplementari – in modo semplice e sicuro tramite Access Card e il lettore di carte (analogamente a UBS e-banking).

Spending bonus system

We credit annual spending bonuses to your company, based on the main account transactions. You will receive CHF 70 for every CHF 10,000 of the total of all card spending (from a maximum of five cards). This allows you to recoup the cost of your annual fees.

Optional insurance package

The optional insurance package protects your company's cardholders against unforeseen risks.

You are covered on your travels when using public transport or a hire car (death/disability, recovery/repatriation). Requirement: your journey has to be paid for with your UBS Business Card Basic.

Additional travel insurance cover: Travel delays, loss/late delivery of luggage, loss of travel/business documents.

Currency conversion

Currency conversion for transactions in foreign currencies: UBS "sell" exchange rate plus 1% processing surcharge

Flexible invoicing system

Terms of payment

The payment deadline is 25 days from the date of the statement. You decide whether you want to settle your outstanding balances by direct debit (LSV+) or payment slip.