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Economist Insights

octobre 2014

  1. Everywhere but in the data

    Article de blog | Tags: Joshua McCallum

    The market moves for reasons that are not always justified by the economic data, as seen in last week's risk sell-off. The market correction seemed to be driven by a re-assessment of the global growth outlook. And the sharp fall in the oil price was taken as a sign of slowing global growth. Recent economic data does not seem to support such an abrupt correction; it is likely that unwinding of speculative positions might have played a bigger role in the drop in both oil prices and the financial markets.

Au sujet des auteurs

Joshua McCallum et Gianluca Moretti sont les rédacteurs d’Economic Insights. Joshua est depuis 2005 Senior Economist auprès de Global Asset Management dans le segment revenu fixe. Il était auparavant macro-économiste au sein du Ministère britannique des finances. Gianluca a intégré Global Asset Management en 2010 et travaillait auparavant pour la Banque centrale italienne.