Structured investment process

Todays investment environment is more complex and unpredictable than ever. Many investors lack the sort of reliable advice they need to achieve their financial goals.

At UBS we combine the knowledge of professional investment experts and client advisors in a systematic value-added chain. That way, we can identify your goals, keep pace with rapid developments on the markets, and formulate clear market positions.

Structured investment process

Creating the investment strategies that enable us to protect and grow your wealth through all phases of your life means working closely with you to understand your long-term personal financial objectives, risk tolerance, preferences and needs. 

We believe content and expertise are distinguishing factors in wealth management. Hundreds of UBS economists,
analysts and investment experts from around the globe provide in-depth analysis of all relevant markets and asset classes.

We combine data from global, regional and local markets to develop the UBS House View, which provides clear and consistent positions on markets and asset classes. External investment experts regularly scrutinize our House View to prevent the danger of tunnel vision.

We base our investment strategies and asset allocation on the UBS House View. The strategic asset allocation reflects our medium to long-term market view and is complemented by the tactical asset allocation, which allows us to capitalize on short-term market opportunities.

As a client, you may benefit from our expertise in two ways. An investment mandate delegates the everyday management of your portfolio to UBS. An advisory solution – such as UBS Advice – gives you the benefit of our know-how but leaves the decision-making power to you. The size and scale of our offering, combined with our global expertise, allow us to provide you with solutions that match your individual preferences and risk tolerance and that comply with local regulations.

Finally, we take steps to help you stay on track to meet your investment targets. We systematically monitor portfolios to identify any deviation from those goals and assess portfolio quality in terms of asset allocation, bulk risk and other important parameters.

The result: Advice and solutions tailored to your personal requirements, to protect and grow your portfolio. Get in contact.