UBS Asset Reporting
Transparent overview of your assets

UBS asset reporting offers you a choice between various detailed statements of assets or an individually compiled special evaluation based on your personal reporting needs.

Detailed statements of assets

Our detailed statements of assets are focused on your investment needs and provide a transparent overview of all your asset positions. Reports are compiled at least once a year, but can also be issued more frequently during the year if so required.

Depending on your personal investment profile, you will receive a customized statement of assets with the key asset information and investment strategy analyses.

Additional asset analyses are available if required, such as an overview of asset performance.

Tailored reporting solutions

If you have special asset reporting requirements, such as asset consolidation, which cannot be covered by our detailed statements of assets, we will be glad to compile an individual report based on a precise analysis of your needs and tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Accounting and portfolio reporting

If you are a natural or legal person required by law to maintain accounting records, UBS will gladly handle all the financial and securities accounting on the basis of professional standards, including the necessary portfolio reports.

As part of our accounting services, we also produce annual financial statements for Swiss foundations, including a transparent breakdown of performance and the use of funds.