Our advisory approach: Four steps for successful investment

We have just one aim: To help you achieve your financial goals. To ensure that we take account of all aspects of your investment situation, our client advisors follow a structured approach.

advisory approach
  1. The first step is to listen to you, so that we can record and understand your needs and financial goals.
  2. We will then work with you to devise appropriate solutions
  3. which we implement as well as we possibly can.
  4. But we dont do this just once; our experts will regularly check that the investment approach is still appropriate. What we want is long-term dialogue.

5-point advisory quality: Put us and our competitors to the test. 

High-quality advice is the key to us ensuring our clients are satisfied and have confidence in us. The following five points are a guide to what makes good advice and what you should focus on when meeting your banking advisor.

  1. Is my advisor listening carefully? Do we have a shared understanding of my investment goals?
  2. Does my advisor translate my investment goals into suitable risk and return expectations and does he or she regularly align my portfolio in accordance with them?
  3. Does my advisor provide me with information about the banks assessment of current market developments? Does he or she discuss possible consequences for my portfolio with me and provide corresponding proposals?
  4. Does my advisor regularly review the risks affecting the entire portfolio and the individual positions?
  5. Does my advisor regularly review the returns from my portfolio and does he or she quickly and openly address deviations from the target returns?

Experience the quality of our advice for yourself. Wed be delighted to meet you for an advisory consultation.