High portfolio quality and comprehensive investment advice: UBS Advice

UBS Advice guarantees a high-quality portfolio and is suitable for all clients of Wealth Management Switzerland who want to make their own investment decisions based on UBS advice and who value simple pricing structures with flat and one-off prices.

Your benefit: high portfolio quality

  • Common understanding of your situation and your needs
  • Translation of your situation and needs into a portfolio with a matching risk/return expectation
  • Regular information from UBS on market developments and recommendations based on this
  • Minimum of one comprehensive portfolio health check annually and a personal meeting with you
  • Weekly monitoring of your portfolio risk and discussions held as necessary
  • Regular review and presentation of performance versus expectations
portfolio quality

Including the following services (flat and one-off price model):
  • Comprehensive investment advice
  • Weekly monitoring of portfolio risks and notifying the client if necessary
  • Custody services and account maintenance
  • Pay and Save Basic Offerings (Maestro and Credit Cards Gold)
  • E-banking and mobile banking
  • Tax Statement Switzerland
  • Direct mail dispatch

Only included in the flat price model

  • Securities trading1
  • Money market and fiduciary transactions
  • Subscription and redemption of investment fund units

1 With the individual price option, stock market transactions and investment fund subscriptions are charged separately at preferential conditions.

If you would like to benefit from this investment expertise but lack the time to worry about investment decisions, we recommend UBS Asset Management Mandates.