Tailored Individual Solutions

UBS Investor

No other financial instrument can be aligned as exactly to market expectations as structured products. To enable you to implement your strategies one-to-one, UBS helps to develop such products exclusively for you in a matter of minutes. Instead of an off-the-peg product, you can not only choose the risk/return characteristics and investment period, but also from among 500 underlyings such as equities, equity indices, foreign currencies and precious, and your client advisor is always there to assist you. Such tailored structured products can be customized to meet precise requirements and market expectations, right down to the finest detail.  

With UBS Investor tool your Client Advisor can offer you tailor-made solutions with an investment starting at CHF 10‘000 (EQ) and CHF 50‘000 (FX/PM).

Equity Solutions

Exploit the return potential of equity markets with UBS Equita and Equity Investor Marketplace.

FX/PM Solutions

Awaken the earning potential of your cash positions with UBS DOCUs and BLOCs.

UBS Investor App

Use iPad to design your own structured products in no time.

Main benefits

  • A new client experience: investment strategies tailored to a specific market view and risk appetite.
  • Great variety: selected strategies out of the "Optimisation" and "Participation" category on a broad selection of over 500 underlyings denominated in CHF, EUR, USD or GBP.
  • Speed: can be issued within minutes, so you can take advantage of short-term market situations.
  • Independence: no predefined subscription deadline - you can choose your own striking date and time.
  • Uniqueness: you receive your very own private placement with personal security number.

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