Harnessing new markets and themes


Your needs:
You have medium to high risk tolerance. You want to invest in specific markets simply, cheaply and with a broad level of diversification, and are often looking to invest in markets that you normally don't have access to, perhaps building in an additional risk buffer where necessary.

Our products:
These products, generally referred to as certificates, are extremely transparent. Investors usually participate in the development of the underlying on a one-to-one basis. This diverse range of products is known at UBS as PERLES (PERformance Linked to Equity Securities). PERLES are suitable for long-term asset building. PERLES products have been developed further to produce actively managed strategy certificates or PERLES Plus, which additionally offer limited capital protection.


You can benefit from the performance of either the one-to-one basis or of the underlying market.

The risk corresponds to the risk of the underlying. Should the underlying fall sharply, the PERLES Plus will suffer a similar fate, but it has a risk buffer.

Key product types:

  • PERLES (PERformance Linked to Equity Securities)

  • PERLES Plus

  • Strategy certificates