UBS Investor App for iPad

The new UBS Investor app offers you insight into the market pricing of the most popular structured products and selected option strategies across a wide range of equity, foreign exchange and precious metal underlyings*. The app allows you to structure, compare and forward your product indications to your UBS client advisor for execution. Minimum investment amounts are CHF 10,000 (EQ) and USD 25,000 (FX/PM).

* The UBS Investor App is currently only available for iPad. A limited version for iPhone supporting equity underlyings can be downloaded under the name of UBS EQY Investor.

Get your structured product in just a few steps

  1. Specify the underlying and risk according to your needs.
  2. You will immediately see a clear list of product conditions, arranged by underlying and maturity.
  3. If a product has awakened your interest, you can forward a product indication to your UBS Client Advisor.

Your main benefits

  • A wide selection: the wide range of underlyings and maturities provides an opportunity to create the product of your choice.
  • Price discovery: the app helps you compare prices and choose between various offerings and individual products.
  • Time to market: you can structure your products based on the current market conditions and request execution on the go1.
  • Efficiency: your client advisor will set up the product based on your input in just a few moments2.

1 This app is not a trading platform. Execution is not automatic and not immediate.
2 The offer is not binding. Special conditions and additional requirement for clients
may apply.