UBS Investment Management Mandate Switzerland

From Switzerland. For Switzerland.

UBS Investment Management Mandate Switzerland

With an investment management mandate, you tell us how you want your assets invested. You discuss your investment objectives with your UBS client advisor and determine the investment strategy and various options. We work within these criteria. You benefit from our global network: our specialists are constantly monitoring the pulse of the markets, so they can identify opportunities and risks.

One key benefit of this mandate solution: You can be flexible when setting some of the conditions. See for yourself now just how easy it is:

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Swiss Made
    Your portfolio is actively managed by UBS investment experts in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano.

  • Swiss investment focus
    A large part of your portfolio is invested in Swiss franc-denominated bonds and in Swiss equities.

  • Swiss franc
    Your portfolio has the Swiss franc as its reference currency and is largely hedged against unwanted currency movements.

  • Swiss tax requirements
    Your portfolio focuses on optimizing returns after tax for clients who are Swiss taxpayers. We will of course provide an annual tax statement for your portfolio.