UBS Asset Allocation Funds

Benefit from the full range of UBS's global expertise

UBS Asset Allocation Funds offer all-round, integrated asset management in a single fund. Regardless of the amount invested, clients benefit from professional and cost-efficient portfolio management. In addition, the volume of assets invested in UBS Asset Allocation Funds allows for broad diversification. This means that even investors with only small amounts to invest are able to enjoy the advantages of highly qualified management, global diversification and sophisticated risk control.

The key benefits of UBS Asset Allocation Funds

  • Allocating assets to optimize the portfolio's risk/return profile

  • State-of-the-art portfolio and risk management by specialist investment teams

  • Wide choice of solutions to match investors' individual risk profiles

UBS Asset Allocation Funds are available in a number of attractive fund types:

UBS Strategy Funds
and UBS Strategy Xtra Funds are solutions based on an investment concept whereby the fund managers allocate assets within a range of reference weightings for each of the different strategies. UBS Strategy Funds offer investors a choice of six strategies – Fixed Income , Income, Yield , Balanced , Growth and Equity  – each of which has a distinct risk/return profile. All of the funds invest globally, either in bonds or in a mix of bonds and equities.

UBS Strategy Xtra Funds " offer investors  Fixed Income , Yield , Balanced and Growth strategies, while adding alternative instruments to their equity and bond portfolios.

UBS Global Allocation Funds aim to maximize long-term returns through active management and flexible asset allocation continuously adapted to the latest market conditions. The funds invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of equities and bonds over a large number of markets, sectors and countries. In contrast to UBS Strategy Funds and UBS Strategy Xtra Funds, the more flexible asset allocation means that the weightings of equities and bonds may vary considerably.