Managed programs

A managed program allows you to assign the management of your portfolio to UBS Swiss Financial Advisers. You and your wealth management consultant set your personal investment priorities and goals and regularly review them, forming a solid basis on which to develop your customized investment strategy.

Your portfolio is structured by our UBS Swiss Financial Advisers investment specialists, and regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed. Periodic reports keep you informed about the composition of your portfolio, all transactions and results. In addition, your wealth management consultant is always available to assist you. UBS Swiss Financial Advisers offers three types of managed programs:

UBS Portfolio Management

UBS Portfolio Management provides you with an individually structured portfolio. Based on your needs and investment goals, we will recommend a customized portfolio that includes individual securities and mutual funds depending on your investment strategy and asset base. On a selective basis, alternative investments may also be included when appropriate.

UBS Managed Fund Portfolio

UBS Managed Fund Portfolio delivers an ideal combination of mutual funds and highly professional management. You also enjoy the added value of our structured selection process and regular review of the funds in accordance with strict evaluation criteria.

UBS Portfolio Strategy

The UBS Portfolio Strategy program offers six different portfolio strategies to meet your investment needs. Each strategy invests in individual securities, mutual or exchange traded funds, and notes.