Client-directed programs

As an investor who takes an informed interest in the financial markets, our client-directed programs give you the benefits of professional investment advice based on our overall investment strategy. Together with your wealth management consultant you define your customized investment strategy based on your needs and preferences. In contrast to managed programs, however, you make all the investment decisions yourself. Based on your investment requirements and preferences, you have a choice of two client-directed programs:

UBS Active Portfolio Advisory (Specialist Support)

For clients who want custom or complex investment structures, but who would also like to benefit from the active involvement of investment experts to help define, develop or implement investment solutions, UBS Active Portfolio Advisory (UBS-APA) may be an appropriate advisory option. UBS-APA provides portfolio monitoring and also gives you direct access to our investment specialists. These specialists make proactive investment recommendations in line with your individual investment strategy and needs. While we provide detailed information and analysis on your portfolio, each investment decision is reviewed and made by you. This gives you a high degree of control over the content and timing of all transactions in your account.

UBS Investment Advisory (Self-Directed)

UBS Investment Advisory is a customized solution defined, developed and managed by you. This option is ideal for investors who want to actively gather and analyze their own investment research and personally manage their own investment portfolios. You retain control over all investment decisions.