UBS-SFA Online
Our Solution for Online Account Access

With UBS-SFA Online, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • All statements including account and portfolio statements and all notices (trade, transfer, credit/debit, confirmations, etc.) will be available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Daily updated portfolio performance and views based on the allocation by risk/return classes.

  • A portfolio valuation broken down by asset class and by currency, also displayed in a graphical representation.

  • Quicker access to your account information by having the information online with no delay of pending physical mail delivery.

  • Security package for secure login and 128-bit encryption ensure highest level of data security.

The User Guide will provide you with more information about UBS-SFA Online.

If you need additional information about UBS-SFA Online, please contact your Wealth Management Consultant or write to:

UBS Swiss Financial Advisers AG
Löwenstrasse 49
P.O. Box
8098 Zurich